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Bite into “Chocolat” for pleasure and plot

I take another, from a tray marked Peche au miel millefleurs. A slice of peach steeped in honey and eau-de-vie, a crystallized peach sliver on the chocolate lid.  From “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris.  Quote formatting from Bryton Taylor’s Food in Literature … Continue reading

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From blog to book: The delicious “Lessons from Madame Chic.”

Haven’t you always wanted to peek inside someone’s house in Paris to understand how the French live so well?  Luckily, Jennifer L. Scott has opened the door to us readers and shares her experience as a study abroad student living … Continue reading

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Three non-fiction books for New Year’s inspiration

I have a room that I can write in.  But it also has about 25 piles of stuff on the floor, including long-abandoned knitting projects, and lots of books.  I have to step over a lot of things to get … Continue reading

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