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The very first page of your novel

Honestly, its been a battle this week between end-of-the-school year errands, writing the blog and the fun challenge of picking out eye-glasses frames from Warby Parker.  But I’ve still got to write my pages, and  to re-think the very first one. … Continue reading

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Make writing your novel easier with “Save the Cat”

You know that terrible moment when someone asks you what your book is about?  “Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder can help you answer that question successfully without seeing the person in front of you get the dreaded “eyes glazing … Continue reading

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Warming up to write

It has been a cold and busy week here in Seattle.  At 25 F degrees out, my fingers suddenly don’t type very well. After I drop off my kid at the bus, it takes a few minutes to warm up … Continue reading

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Where Characters Come From

Characterization is fascinating.  Authors are often asked where they get their ideas for characters – are they based on someone they know, a family member, neighbor, someone spotted randomly on the street?  Individual writers will have unique responses to this … Continue reading

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