Three great places to discover in Seattle

IMG_4438Lunch at Greenlake

Greenlake is a park where you can bring your book, your blanket and your dog.  You’ll find the park about 15 minutes by car north of downtown Seattle. There is an awesome 2.8 mile paved walking path around the lake and lots of areas to relax and play.  You can rent pedal boats, paddle boards, or jump in the water for a swim.  You can bring your scooter, roller skates or basketball or just play on the swings.  Since this is a Seattle park, there are several (like at least five) coffee places where you can get your latte.  IMG_4434For lunch, we tried Teddy’s Bigger Burgers and Turnpike Pizza.  Then after our boating and scootering, we re-fueled at Peet’s Coffee and Tea.  If you want a bit of shopping, there is Title Nine for sporty women’s clothes, and a brand new PCC healthy grocery store.

Dinner on the Waterfront

If you are downtown Seattle and want to get a sense of the gorgeous views of our mountains and waters, check out the Edgewater Hotel’s restaurant, Six Seven.  Our table was literally right over the waters of Elliott Bay. There was nothing (ok, there was a glass barrier) between us and miles of waves leading out of Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean.  IMG_4459The food was delicious but took a backseat to the beauty of the view. The Edgewater Hotel has been on the Seattle waterfront since it was built for the World’s Fair in 1962.  IMG_4465Famous guests include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, KISS, David Bowie and Iggy Pop among others. It is hard to imagine them staying there now though, in its plush Northwest mountain lodge theme.

IMG_4466After dinner and drinks, we decided to try the Seattle Great Wheel which is Seattle’s answer to London’s Eye.IMG_4467 It is a short walk along the briny, salty smelling waterfront (where you could set a murder mystery among the luxury boats) and just past the Aquarium to the Wheel.  Once in your private ferris wheel car, you get lifted high above the waterfront and get great views of the city skyline.  I found dangling so high up just scary enough to make the ride suspenseful and fun.

Breakfast in Pioneer Square

IMG_4503If you stay in the city overnight, or find yourself near Pioneer Square for breakfast or lunch, then check out the newly opened The London Plane.  Its location here shows that Seattle’s oldest neighborhood is now acting like its hippest. The old Pioneer Square was a mix of art galleries but the neighborhood always seemed run-down.  IMG_4492Now with several cute shops like DryGoods Design (a sewing shop), and Velouria (a gift shop), Cone and Steiner Mercantile with foods and gifts, and even the shoe shop, Clementine coming in, Pioneer Square is getting a major make-over.  The London Plane is a perfect pairing with these other spots.  There are flowers, pretty soaps and cards for sale at the entrance. Venture in a little farther to find fancy deli options and baked goods to go.  The restaurant itself is open and charming.  The coffee is good, from Caffe Umbria, down the street.  IMG_4507But it is the menu offerings that really tempt.  Breakfast for me included homemade yogurt with pistachio, rose and toasted coconut granola and a taste of cardamom cake.  Lunch the following week was even more heavenly, with bufala mozzarella nestled in a bowl with anchovies, fresh melons and mint.  We also shared a trio of spreads and dips of various roasted vegetables.  The finishing touch was a brownie and a fruit tart.  Dessert was certainly satisfying, but could not truly compete with the glory of the main dishes.

I can’t wait to return to Pioneer Square and The London Plane.  After all, there’s a date, cocoa nib and buttermilk shake to try.

by Janis



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