Writing through Seattle’s winter


Watercolor by Sarah Clementson

It is very dark here in Seattle.  The afternoon leaves early now, around 3:30 and darkness falls.  The sun doesn’t come up again until nearly 8am in the morning.  Once the gray light settles in, the day can feel dreary.  Outside, the holiday lights are welcome.  The leaves have all gone mushy and are clumped into wet piles on the sidewalk.  I am drinking a lot of coffee.  Sometimes the darkness seems like a cloak that we wrap around ourselves. Same with the rain.  Umbrellas, hoodies, long rain coats muffle the world around us.


Volunteer Park is great for a walk in the fog.

The cold here is damp and lingering.  Smartwool socks and shirts are my go-to to keep warm.  Truly, it seems everyone has a chest cold too.

Yet, if the winter day brings a little sunshine, the city glows green.  Our moss is quite gorgeous.  Seattle’s nickname as the Emerald City must get its name from the moss around here.  On a foggy day, things can be delightfully atmospheric.


North Seattle ravines offer great views of moss.

A group of us are eager to catch a viewing of the latest Hobbit movie, “The Desolation of Smaug.”  Afterwards we might walk through the deserted Seattle Center, or go in for a latte.  Stories like The Hobbit match perfectly with our winter.

After the holidays, Seattle stays in its dark holding pattern nearly through January. If you can bear it, writing in the silent dark morning with a candle and a cup of coffee can be quite a treat.   I hope to use this time to add a little mist, magic and mystery to my writing.


About writeinseattle

Two Seattle writers examining the writer's life.
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2 Responses to Writing through Seattle’s winter

  1. I used to live in Seattle and I remember those dark winter days. Sometimes it felt like too much and like I would go crazy if I didn’t get a little more sunshine, but on other days it seemed like the perfect mood for creativity and writing. Good luck with your writing this winter!

  2. Thank you and the same good wishes to you! While the winter is fresh, I’m going to enjoy it. But I definitely have the same problem with the lack of sunshine, especially when its still gray in May and June! I guess that’s why I love the Seattle Garden Show in February and why I’m planning a trip to California in the spring!

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