Favorite gifts for writers part 2

IMG_3003Finding a gift for a writer should be fun!  There are almost too many ideas.  Here are a few things that writers can use to construct their novel or to be inspired.

Ideas to inspire:

There are oodles of gifts for the writer that also loves Jane Austen.  This figurine comes with lots of funny quotes and info on the back.

Posters that you can hang in your writer’s office or corner declaring that you are a writer, or with inspirational quotes are a nice touch and show your support.

IMG_2993A false book: I love this book and keep pencils inside

Make your own fortune cookies kit

Stationary: Cards and paper are hard to resist.

Evocative titled soaps or perfumes: I’d love to smell this one called “dead writer’s perfume”


There is a local soap shop that has a Madame Mysterio soap, as well as Earl Grey Tea, and Skull Soap, called La Nuit.


IMG_3001Book marks

The Never Give Up Pouch gets its quote from Winston Churchill but I love nearly everything in this store.  The 5-year Diary is something I’d like too, not that I’m hinting…  http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/item/Never-Give-Up-Pouch/3301.021/519533.html

Necklaces with letters, typewriter ornaments, rings with typewriter letters, look at etsy.com

Post it pad with add to novel check box

Writer-in-residence sign

IMG_2998Book Ends, Colored pens, City things that reflect their novels like Paris or London.

Gifts writers can use on a daily basis:IMG_2994

Gift card for a local coffee shop or a bag of coffee.  We writers need all kinds of liquid comfort:)

Corkboard in a frame or Blackboard in a frame to mark out scenes or notes on characters

Notebooks always offer possibilities

IMG_2997Warm throw: sitting for a few hours of work can get very chilly.  A throw or wrist-warmer gloves can really help.  A writer friend recommends the “furry” throw from Restoration Hardware.

Coffee mug warmer

Cute laptop cover or Kindle cover or gift cards for the Kindle or to bookstores.

Reading lights that attach to books

A Cool Lamp

And books….

Great places to look for gifts are…Bas Bleu catalog, Etsy.com, Paper Source and of course, bookstores.



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Two Seattle writers examining the writer's life.
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