From blog to book: Tish Jett’s “Forever Chic”

IMG_2245What is it that French women have to make them seem so youthful and stylish, even hot as they age?   Journalist and blogger Tish Jett has been on a journey to find out how French women maintain health, beauty and vibrancy as they become women of a certain age.  The answers in the book are the result of years of observation, and some very high-profile interviews with both French celebrities and sought-after physicians.

If “Lessons from Madame Chic” by Jennifer L. Scott is about the qualities of the French good life, “Forever Chic” is looking even closer, at the day-to-day regimes of French women.  You want to know about how much water she drinks?  What is her attitude about taking time for herself?  What does she eat and what does she keep in her closet?  Tish has asked and answered these questions.   These are the questions you could never ask directly.  Even if you did, a French woman might not know what was special about her routine.  That is why it is helpful that Tish is American but with a deep familiarity with the French, because that perspective helps her to see and relate what is different about how the French approach beauty and aging well.

Tish was the editor of American Elle, among other magazines, and when Elle made changes, she decided to stay in France.  She continued her writing through freelance articles, books on fashion, and her popular blog,

From what I can tell, she launched her blog in 2008 with a very clear purpose in mind.  The sole theme from her very first blog post, to study French women and discover what the je ne sais quoi really consisted of, is the exact same question that she answers in her book.  I’ll say it again, that her blog’s message and obvious passion bordering on the “obsessive” (her words), was extremely focused and magnetic.  By the time she found an agent, she had built up a large and devoted audience who, myself included, also wanted to know everything she had discovered.  A friend recommended an agent and from there she got a book contract with Ex Libris, an imprint of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

IMG_2243Each page is studded with real information.  This is not a book that just stays on the surface.  A French woman on average washes her hair twice a week.  But Tish goes beyond; she studies the haircuts of Catherine Deneuve, Ines de la Fressange and Jane Birkin as they progress through time.  She interviews Christophe Robin, Beyonce and Tilda Swinton’s colorist and Rodolphe about hair color, and she also talks with her French girlfriends.  The picture is complete, the treasure box is wide open.   You owe it to yourself to get the book and to savor it slowly, perhaps with a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of wine.


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