Reading on Bainbridge Island and other divine reading experiences

The dreamy...Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, Washington

The dreamy…Bloedel Reserve on
Bainbridge Island, Washington

My son’s teacher asked the class about their favorite experiences reading and mentioned that hers was “reading in a hammock.”

Wow, I thought.  Reading is good, but adding a hammock to the practice elevates the reading experience into pure escapism.  My son asked me what was a reading experience that I loved.   I thought about my trip to Bainbridge Island during the spring, and what I saw at the end of our walk through the gorgeous gardens tucked away at the Bloedel Reserve.  “Reading under a weeping willow” has got to be the perfect place to read.  I considered telling him about the tree, but I didn’t actually read there myself.


Eagle Harbor Books is right in town, a short walk or drive from the Ferry boat.

I think I’ll head back there next year, after a brief visit to Eagle Harbor books where I can pick up a new book to read. The bookstore is a great size, with plenty of sections for books and gifts.  It has a warm wood interior and a few chairs to sit down and page through a book.  The children’s section is ample as well.   It was very easy to get help on recommendations too.  And Bainbridge Island has plenty of wonderful local writers to choose from like Jonathan Evison, David Guterson and Susan Wiggs.  Just hop on a ferry from downtown Seattle and 20 minutes later, you have arrived.    Don’t forget to stop at Blackbird Bakery across the street from the bookstore for delicious treats.

The Big Island in Hawaii

The Big Island in Hawaii

If “reading under a willow tree” isn’t on your radar, “reading by the beach” has got to be one of the ultimate indulgences.  Toes in the sand, the cute sounds of the little birds mixed with the crashing of the waves.  Knowing that you simply don’t have to be doing anything else.  I can say reading on vacation is simply divine.

But what about mosquitos, sand fleas, and those annoying late summer yellow jacket hornets that might come buzzing around every few minutes?

IMG_2171I revised my thinking to include, “reading indoors by the fire.”  Buster certainly looks comfortable there. But then, I thought, what about my cup of tea?  And a cozy library?

I knew to find the greatest library reading spot, I only had to surf over to the blog of to find images of amazing and real libraries with cozy chairs.  She puts them under the heading of “Library Lust.”  Ah, to finally answer the question, I’d say “reading with a cup of tea, a dog curled up nearby, in a comfy chair beside  a crackling fire in a cozy library” has just got to be the most satisfying way to read a book.

I like the fire and the purple chairs.  Photographer Michael Graydon,

I like the fire and the purple chairs. Photographer Michael Graydon. Found on

Yet, until it is time for another trip, the kindle and I do pretty well right at home, reading in bed.

Where do you like to read?


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