Favorite gifts for writers


Agenda from Julia Rothman and Chronicle Books

Many of my friends are writers and occasionally we exchange gifts.  There are many things that make the habit of writing every day just a little more cheerful.  Here are a few things that work for me.

This little agenda is packed with eye-appeal.  The illustrations go directly to my writer’s heart.  Books and eyeglasses are strewn about while pencils and feathers  dance together through-out this book.  At first, though, even though it was very pretty, I was skeptical.  I bought it because I couldn’t resist, but wasn’t sure I’d fill up the pages.  Yet its size is so portable that it makes it into my purse most days.  There is plenty of room to write notes when ideas strike you.  There are blank pages in the back and pages that house only to-read, to-buy, to-see, and to-d0 lists.  There is a zippered compartment in the back for a tiny pencil, or to keep tickets or bookstore receipts.

IMG_1810For me this has taken the place of an actual notebook.  When my writing group meets, I also use it to review my month and it helps me report on my novel’s progress.  I am currently using my iphone to send alerts to help me remember where I want to be in the stages of my novel, but this little agenda could do that for me too, except that it doesn’t beep.  I hope that Julia Rothman and Chronicle books release a 2014 edition.

My computer is small enough to stuff into my medium-sized purse, but on days when I want to also bring books to loan, a snack and printed-out manuscripts, I love carrying a big tote bag to the coffee shop.  This one is roomy and strong, but with the hook closure, it can keep the contents private.  Not as private as a zip, I guess, but this is the kind of bag I bring when I need to throw my whole office in something quickly.  If my day bag is small enough, I can toss it inside too.  Though not as light-weight as a canvas bag, the leather is durable and pretty/cool.

Who doesn’t need an amazing desk?  I am completely happy with my IKEA purchase (a gift for myself) because it is purple and feminine and declares that something creative is going on here.  Of course with IKEA I managed to assemble it…mostly.  I have not attached the interior shelf face with key.  My only other challenge is finding somewhere to put my legs.


Morris can be found at Amazon and is by the company “Monkey Business.”

This little donkey has the dual skills of making me smile while holding notepaper.  This donkey’s name is Morris by Studio Yaacov Kaufman.  The thought of all that creamy notepaper thrills me with its potential.  His clothes pin ears jauntily hold the inspiration of the day.

Finally, I have a secret.  I have a Momiji doll called Soul.  The reason this one is fun for writers is that there is a tiny space on its base that contains the room to put a private message.  It’s just the place to put a word of encouragement like “believe,” “I’m a writer,”  “create” or “the end.”  A quick glance at Amazon reveals that there is a “book club” line that even comes with an “I heart books” button.  Swoon.   My Momiji sits on my secret message like a chicken on an egg and I like to think my words are being supported by her presence.  She certainly seems a beacon of happy thoughts.  That’s the exact outcome I hope for when picking out a gift for my writer friends.


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