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“The Secret Garden” vs. “The Summer of the Bear” and what makes a compelling first chapter.

Have you read “The Secret Garden” lately?  It has the most compelling opening I’ve read in a long time.  Have you read “The Summer of the Bear?”  It has the most exciting mid-section.  I am so excited to read it … Continue reading

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Stephen King, Part II

Stephen King has got it.  That elusive writerly something that my agent kept trying to get me to add to the manuscript of my first mystery novel.  She’d scrawl in the margins, Can you make this more compelling?  Aargh!  Compelling?  … Continue reading

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Winning the Liebster Award!

Wow, thanks to Bloggers Karen and Cathy at   for nominating us for this bloggers award!  We have truly enjoyed discovering new  blogs and reading some great posts since we learned about Liebster. Here are our Liebster nominees whose blogs … Continue reading

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From blog to book: The delicious “Lessons from Madame Chic.”

Haven’t you always wanted to peek inside someone’s house in Paris to understand how the French live so well?  Luckily, Jennifer L. Scott has opened the door to us readers and shares her experience as a study abroad student living … Continue reading

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Poetry and My Dog

It’s National Poetry Month.  So I thought I might honor that in some way here on the blog.  I considered writing a poem, but I’m really not a poet.  Instead, I’m reprinting one of my favorite poems here: Dharma by Billy … Continue reading

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