Castle, the crime TV show with a writer as the main character

Once in a while, I imagine what it would be like to really hit the big-time as a writer.  My version of success involves a gorgeous writing office and a flurry of house-keepers.  But I also love the version that I see on my guilty-pleasure TV show, Castle.

Richard Castle lives the glamorous life of a best-selling author living in New York City.  His book signings are packed with people and champagne, and his apartment is large, modern and comfortable.   The only problem he has is writer’s block.

It’s not like he doesn’t get advice on writing… the guest appearances of real writers on the show like Robert Patterson, are free with their opinions.  But he is just done with his former main character and kills him off.

Fortune intervenes when Rick Castle is called in to New York City police headquarters because a murderer is using scenes from his books as inspiration for killings.  Castle immediately sees the value of hanging out with the amazing detectives of the NYPD as a way to break through his writer’s block.  And the detective he is assigned to shadow, after pulling some strings with his friend, the Mayor, is one very lovely Detective Beckett.

It is a set up that is fun to watch, as he flirts shamelessly with her, and how she struggles to do her job, while ignoring someone who wants to turn her into his newest muse.  She is smart, with a dark past and shares a sarcastic sense of humor with Castle.  I’ve watched almost all of the show’s four seasons and the tension between this couple is delicious.

The other trick the show has up its sleeve, is the releasing of real books, supposedly written by Rick Castle, and centering on his reluctant muse, Detective Kate Beckett.  The first book, Nikki Heat, eventually hit the #6 spot on  the New York Times’ Bestseller lists in hardback according to Wikipedia.  And there are three more out and at least one more to come.  I’m having a bit of between-season withdrawal so I’ve decided to download the first one onto my Kindle as a summer read.

It doesn’t hurt also that Rick Castle is played by Nathan Fillion, a charming actor who played the hero of the TV show, Firefly and movie Serenity, directed by Josh Whedon.   And the foxy Stana Katic looks great no matter where her character ends up.  There is a Youtube video, the changing hairstyles of Stana Katic, that is super fun.  Or am I just admitting here how much I like the show?

If you only watch a few shows, be sure to catch the episodes that feature Rick Castle with his poker buddies, with real-life authors, Robert Patterson, Stephen J. Cannell, Michael Connelly and Denis Lehane discussing writerly stuff.   After a few episodes, you will see the show delivers one heck of a satisfying fantasy of a writer’s life.

How about you?  Seen any fantastic writerly shows lately?

– Janis


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One Response to Castle, the crime TV show with a writer as the main character

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow! Now I know what I’m going to do this weekend. I wonder how I missed this show?

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