writeinseattle goes to Write here, Write now writer’s conference

The Seattle7Writers is a group of the mover and shaker writers in Seattle.  They are all published writers, and many are considered best-sellers.  As a group they raise funds for literacy.  Their latest event was an unpretentious writer’s conference for one day in the basement of the Columbia City Rainier Valley Community Center.  It was the best writer’s conference I have been to.  (Even though I still have a soft spot for the Surrey Writer’s Conference in British Columbia)

Authors Erik Larson, William Dietrich , Jennie Shortridge, Erica Bauermeister and others made great presentations and were available to talk about writing individually.

Each presentation was only ten minutes, and then the focus was on writing.  I’ve never been to a writer’s conference with built-in writing.  I got tons written on Saturday.

You could sign up for fifteen minute sessions with an individual writer in the areas of plot doctoring, pitching, tough love, or to get support and more.  I got some fantastic plot ideas and pointers from William Dietrich.

There was amazing food from Tutta Bella and I think Cupcake Royale.    After rubbing shoulders with the giants and connecting with other writers, writeinseattle went out for a walk around Columbia City and checked out the cute windows at Gather consignment shop and the warm java from the Columbia City Bakery.

It was the kind of conference that keeps you buzzing for days afterward.  And the kicker is the conference donated its admission fees  to literacy charities. So see you next year, Seattle7Writers’ conference.

– Janis


About writeinseattle

Two Seattle writers examining the writer's life.
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