Ravenna Third Place Books

There was a time when my writing group met at Third Place Books every week. I loved the BLT sandwiches and the cute baristas, and there were lots of tables and a place for readings. Parking was no problem as they have a nice lot right outside. Then the bookstore changed and brought in a wonderful restaurant to share the space.

It is still a good place to take your laptop on a wintery day. And you can just order a latte and a treat if you want. It is just that areas for writing have shrunk. The difference here is that when you eat at Vios for a meal, you are sitting at tables meant for eating. There is a great but small area for the kids, where they can play with toys, and tables just outside of that for moms to rest and have some food. Then by big open windows, there are the tables that folks with laptops can use without being part of the restaurant. There are not many tables in this narrow space.

This bookstore is very comfortable and has used as well as new books. It has an awesome kids book space and a good local book section. And on a summery day, there are tables and benches out in front of the store in a charming courtyard. But as for writing with a laptop here, I’d say it is a hit, if you get a table, or a miss, if you don’t.

– Janis


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