Elliot Bay Bookstore Cafe

Just the thought of the cafe at Elliot Bay Bookstore makes me happy. It is a writer’s dream cafe. To get there, you must first walk through the welcoming stacks of books of the Elliot Bay Bookstore. Head along the creaky wood floors toward the back of the store where the cafe is situated. Here the feel is a little more modern, with blonde stained wood benches and revolving artwork along the walls. One long casement window adds an urban feel. There are many small tables for writing alone, and enough big tables to accommodate writing groups. Happily, despite a brief trial in the restriction of laptop use at all tables, you can now log on at any table you desire.

Beside the writerly ambiance, there is also the well-rounded menu offerings. Breakfast biscuits with cheese and eggs vie for attention while salads, soups and a tempting case of baked cookies, bars, and pie await. There is a gluten-free fruit bar that is delicious and the pear arugula salad is hard to beat. If on a budget, the prices are a bit expensive, and that is on top of the parking you may have paid for on the street. But you can always substitute the ready latte for a drip coffee and the bagel for a cookie.

The staff here is friendly, kind and responsive. They try to make substitutions when requested, and prepare the dishes with an eye for presentation.

This is a cafe where all the details come together in a pleasing way. The music is not too loud, the temperature is not too cold, the conversations are not too distracting and the tables are not too full. This is a place designed for readers and writers, and the support of both from the Elliot Bay Bookstore is gift to our city.

– Janis


About writeinseattle

Two Seattle writers examining the writer's life.
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