FUEL Coffee in Montlake

Writers can be found all over Seattle, but due to the weather, we need indoor places to do 0ur writing.  Fuel on Montlake fits the bill for a neighborhood place that still manages to be urban enough for the focused writer.  There are enough small tables and a few large ones.  It is busy, but not so busy that you have to hunt for a table.  In the summer time there are even tables in a little courtyard out back.  There is nice art on the walls.  I usually order a wrap sandwich.  I like the Thai cashew chicken one in a green tortilla.  They don’t have a kitchen here, so you need to pick out a cold salad, wrap, or get a quiche warmed up.  It is hard to resist the goodies as you stand in line for the cash register.  The “high five”  hand pie display always gets me.  A little apple hand pie, goes really well with the green tea or latte I order.  They carry Numi brand of tea, which is a great quality tea and just put the bag in a mug, rather than the fussiness of a teapot.  There can be a long line around lunch time, and I recommend grabbing a table first if you notice a line forming.  For laptops, you can find plug-ins.  There is music here, but it is not Musak, and usually isn’t too loud for pondering plots.  I often bring my car, and park it on a side street without much effort.  People come to have meetings, or to get a treat, after walking through the Arboretum.  Either way, Fuel has a good vibe for writing.

– Janis


About writeinseattle

Two Seattle writers examining the writer's life.
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